It hasn’t been a good couple of days.

The trip to scenic Urik was a great idea. Whether it was for business or pleasure, you found the city as enjoyable as you can find a place in the Tablelands. That was until you ran afoul someone you shouldn’t have. Maybe your business deal wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, maybe you pissed off a Templar. Regardless, you were arrested, knocked out, and put on the first caravan to Tyr.

Tyr. King Kalak is buying (or enslaving) all the labor he can find to finish a massive ziggurat that has taken centuries to build. With the city, and the region as a whole on the cusp of a brand new age, perhaps you’ll be able to find more than just servitude in Tyr.

Or maybe you’ll die in the desert. Such is life on Athas.

GM’s Note: If you’re new to Athas, or just want to get reacquainted with the setting, I’d suggest you read Athas in Brief before going any further. As well, double check Setting Specific Rules so you know what the down low is. And if you haven’t already done so Psionic Talents has some neat powers if you want to grab one. That would be cool.

Dark Sun - Freedom

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