Dark Sun - Freedom

Log Entry 2: Bugs, Ghosts, Fake Dragons, and More Bugs

End of the first day

The mul’s pretty clever. Used the wezzers’ own scent to let us poke around the hive. Rescued a human inside, a slave that went his own way. Some psiker, probably thought he’d be better off alone. Stole some wezzer water-globes too. Enough to last a day.

Damn sandstorm blew in two hours later, stung like hell. Took shelter in some ruins. Couldn’t read the tables, but wall carvings look sorta like elves, with ridiculous trees and animals all over. Some ghosts attacked, and the “Dragon” showed up. Really an id fiend. Bastard tore me a new one, and my lightning spell tore the halfling a new one, too. Still, killed it, got some useful parts. The newbie psiker nabbed a nice bone sword. Also found five coins, shiny metal—maybe gold, if you can believe it. Each took one, we’ll split the last in town.

Sword made psiker able to read the script. Sounds like this whole place used to be a border with another plane. Primordials might know more, not inclined to ask. We made some small talk after. Mul thinks I’m crazy, can’t blame her. Still, she listens to random earth spirits. Not much better, I say. Elf slave was talkative, but the others were quiet. The human ain’t all there, the dwarf probably can’t talk, no tongue, no voice, whatever.

Bedded down for the night, just for more damn bugs to show up. I wasn’t much use, but we killed ‘em anyway. Finally got some good sleep; ruins reminded me of home. We’ll set out in an hour.

I’m actually thinking about praying. If we don’t find real water by tomorrow, we might need ’em.



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