Dark Sun - Freedom

Log Entry 1: Fire, Lies and Ants

The first day

Snagged captain’s logbook from wreck. Bit singed, but some of it survived. The ‘water’ from the fake oasis works as ink, for now.

Elves ganked the slave-hauler and left us to die in the sands. One took pity and tossed us a part-full skin of water. Most ignored us. The mul pointed us toward what she thought was water. Really, a fake oasis, with blood-sucking plants. I torched it, we collected a bit of its oil-like ‘water,’ and went back to the hauler.

Guards jumped us at the hauler, but we took ’em out. I let one go; not worth killing. Found a map. Points to an oasis and a city. Better chances there than Urik. So we go.

Found a wezzer hive. Damn things nearly killed me shaking down the ceiling but we got some meat. With that, we’ll eat tonight. But the day’s not over yet.



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