Reserved, proud, aloof, open-minded, adaptable, honest, stern, steady, stoic, patient.

Abraxus isn’t one to talk much about his early life. Whatever happened, his arcane talents—talents he had no choice in manifesting—drove him out of his home as an adult. Whether this was his home among the Dray or not, he’s never said.

After that, he found some ruins in the Forked Tongue area, where he eked out an existence. There was water, which meant there was food, and that was enough. But he found something more valuable to him than either: many carvings and tablets regarding the Primordials, and their influence on Athas. He read of oceans—seas of water, not silt—that once covered the world, making it blue and green instead of ash and sand. He read of Solkara-of-the-Crashing-Wave, she who was the succor and wrath of water. He read of Vezzuvu-of-Burning-Earth, whose power brought both destruction and new life. Through these, he forged a connection to the Primordials, hoping that by restoring some of their power to Athas, he could perhaps bring back the water that once covered the world.

Of course, he likely wouldn’t tell anyone else that. He has a mad dream, a dream that when men no longer need to grovel and beg for scraps of food, perhaps they can rise above the terror and tyranny and live in peace, as the ancients did, before Defiling magic left the world as a burned husk. Mad it may be, but he wants it nonetheless. They say hope shrivels on the desert sand, but maybe it just needs a strong hand to help it grow.

For his gruffness, Brax is entirely likely to take a kinder approach when possible. Sparing an unworthy opponent’s life, for example. He hasn’t defiled, either. He says he avoids it because it’s the cheater’s way out, but is that really why?


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