Many Legs

A crystalline spider that emerges from Murza's skin to aid in battle.


HP: 1(A missed attack never damages an elemental companion
Movement: Speed 5, Spider Climb 3
Defenses: Murza’s
Attacks: N/A
Passive benefits: +2 Perception, +2 on Athletics checks to climb
Active benefits: When Murza uses a blast power with the Companion adjacent to an enemy in the blast, that enemy takes -2 to attack rolls for 1 turn
Languages: Primordial and Common (not yet used)


This newest member of the desert band of survivors turned heads on its explosive arrival out of the half-dwarf warden’s chest. Commonly referred to as “that thing” or “oh sweet holy stars, what is that,” Many Legs (as it has been dubbed by Murza) is a faithful, if mysterious, companion. While it follows the warden’s directions and uses its reflective surfaces to dazzle foes in combat, the spider-like entity has baffled even the party’s sorceror with its origins. Is it a familiar? A sentient construct? How does it meld seamlessly into Murza’s rocklike flesh at will? Why, when it sits very still, does it seem to be. . . watching the party? This all remains to be seen. Until a more powerful arcanist can analyze it, Murza is content to use it as an edge in the brutal combats of Athas. After all, it seems keen on helping her, and its symbiotic relationship is straightforward and painless. . . For now.

Many Legs

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