A musclebound mul woman escaped from slavery who has taken up the arms of elemental warfare.


Class: Warden. Current weapon: Stone hammer with Id Fiend skull mounted. Theme: Earthforger.


BACKGROUND: Once a slave in Raam, Murza seized her freedom when a primal entity gifted her with powers of stone and earth. Because her escape involved wrecking one of the last profitable quarries in Raam, Murza may still be pursued by nefarious merchants. As far as she’s concerned, she’s rightly “earned” her freedom by the laws of Raam, but the other city-states have differing opinions. Take, for instance, the slave caravan to Tyr that managed to capture her in the desert. With the help of a feisty halfling and a mysterious Dray, she’s escaped again. . . but for how long? And where did her mysterious powers to control rock and shale come from? She hears the whispers of primal spirits in the ground and wields their anger as a weapon, but Murza still knows very little about her own heritage—not to mention where to go now that she’s a (temporarily) free woman.

PARTY/AFFILIATION: The Caravan Survivors, a ragtag band of Athasians, escaped from a slaver caravan bound for Tyr. The Caravan Survivors only cooperate out of necessity; driven to the edges of society by their natures or beliefs, they are prime targets for bandits and predators. Composed of half-dwarf Murza, the preserver Dray Abraxus, the Halfling Mari, and the enigmatic psychic Acerbas, their goals are to survive and find new roles in the dying world that’s cast them out.

DEITY: Unlike most Athasians, Murza believes gods still exist. Or, at least one god, who is exclusive to Raamites. The deity Badna, pagan god of omniscience, is Murza’s chosen object of worship. While most in Raam discard the altars to Badna as just another of their mad queen’s many diversions, Murza thinks otherwise. Not lightly do sorcerer-kings and queens bow to a graven image, and Murza’s reasoning is that if Abalach-Re kowtows to the mighty Badna, others should too. Not to mention, the idea of a divine being helped to give her hope in the mines, where many of her fellow muls met their deaths. Only when this patience and piety finally snapped did Murza lash out against her oppressors. Now, while she hates slaveowners as much as any freed mul, she prays to Badna for forgiveness for her rash and violent actions, and begs him to guide her to her destiny. (Associated Skill: Religion, look into religion skill tricks)

PARAGON PATH: Reforged Soul (Heroes of Elemental Chaos)


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