Races and Classes

For quick reference, here are the most suitable races in Athas, and their sources.

  • Dwarves (PHB)- hardy and hairless toilers that have deep a rooted sense of duty, from slave to noble.
  • Dray (PHB) – dragonlike humanoids that were cast out of their homes soon after their creation; wanders and mercenaries, the clans sell their skills to the highest bidder.
  • Eladrin (PHB) – mysterious feyfolk from the Land Within the Winds. Most are thought to be dangerous genies or spirits, and are treated as such.
  • Elves (PHB) – in the wastes, Elves are herders and tradesmen; in the cities, Elves are thieves and cutthroats. In both, they are considered shifty at best, and can hardly be trusted.
  • Genasi (FRPG) – true genie-spawn, the Genasi are blessed with an elemental infusion at birth. It is rare to see communities in the Tyr region.
  • Half-Giant (PHB2) – a magically created races combining the strength of giants and the wits of humans. Usually guards or warriors to high officials, their moods swing back and forth very quickly.
  • Half-Elf (PHB) – rarely treated better than their elven halves, even from Elves themselves. Adaptable, and handy in a pinch.
  • Halfling (PHB) – an ancient and wise people, halflings are usually feared for the savagery and cannibalism rumored to be practiced in their jungle homes.
  • Human (PHB) – you know these guys. Everywhere, can’t stop making half-thing babies.
  • Mul (DSCG) – half-man, half-dwarf, Muls are the only true slave race in Athas. Born and bred for endurance and strength, Muls exist nearly all as slaves. Those who aren’t are dangerous warriors and psionicists.
  • Tiefling (PHB) – peerless raiders and adapted to the Athasian wastelands, Tieflings are said to have gained their adpation through dark powers long dead.
  • Thri-Kreen (DSCG) – bizarre and alien mantis-men from fields far past the Tyr region. Kreen live more like insects than anything, making them truly unique among the races of Athas.

For quick reference, these are the assumptions of the class types on Athas, from most common to least

MARTIAL – Warrior types are extremely common on Athas, as their abilities and endurance fit perfectly into the world. Swords for hire, guards, guides or gladiators, a martial character will always find a job in Dark Sun.

PSIONIC – The Way is the process of combining your body, mind and spirit to ascend past your mortal form and gain power fair greater. Psionic classes are the next most common on Athas, since Arcane magic is hardly used and the inhabitants especially attuned for psionic abilities.

PRIMAL – Primal characters gain powers from the harsh environment around them. While one would think this would be used to improve the world, many primal characters exist to protect what is there or use the power of the devastated world to their advantage. Silt, smoke, obsidian; all are part of the twisted ecology on Athas.

ARCANE – Arcane users are split into two types; preservers and defilers. As arcane magic is drawn from the world around the caster, using too much can injure or kill plant life, curdle milk and make others nauseous, or even make the land beneath barren. Due to this, arcane casters are reviled and hated, mostly for the things the power has done to the world. It is very rarely used.

DIVINE – With the Athasian gods dead and the plane cut off from the Astral sea, divine sparks are incredible rare if not impossible to find on Athas. Occasionally you may hear stories of one that carries the power of the gods, but rarely are these anything but psionic powers misunderstood. Unless circumstances permit, these classes are NOT used.

Races and Classes

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