Setting Specific Rules

There are two main rules you got to be aware of in Dark Sun

RECKLESS BREAKAGE: When you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll, your weapon has a chance to break. You can accept the result, automatically missing the attack as usual, but keeping your weapon intact. Alternatively, you can reroll. Regardless of the reroll result, a nonmetal weapon breaks once the attack is complete. A metal weapon, however, breaks only if you roll a natural 5 or lower on the reroll. This rule gives you a say in whether a weapon breaks. You can play it safe and accept the errant attack, or you can attempt to avoid a miss by risking your weapon.

FIXED ENHANCEMENT BONUS: The Dungeon Master is strongly encouraged to adopt the following standard for his or her DARK SUN campaign, and fixed enhancement bonuses will be the organized play standard. At heart, a magic item’s purpose is to ensure that a character has the defenses and accuracy needed to confront the challenges of the game world. Magic weapons and implements keep attack modifiers high, while neck slot items and armor help ensure that characters survive their encounters. Replacing magic items with alternative rewards means fewer chances for the heroes to acquire key items. Without a means to compensate for such decreased resources, characters’ capacities would lag behind those of their opponents. Encounters at any given level become more challenging and character death more frequent.

You can redress the magic equipment shortage by adopting a set of fixed enhancement bonuses similar to those detailed in Dungeon Master’s Guide 2. At discrete levels, characters gain flat bonuses to attack rolls, damage rolls, and defenses. These flat bonuses do not stack with enhancement bonuses gained from magic items, and they progress at a slightly slower rate. As a result, magic swords, armor, and amulets retain their appeal. Use the following table to assign fixed enhancement bonuses to player characters based on their levels.

Lvl Atk Def Lvl Atk Def
1st +0 +0 16th +3 +3
2nd +1 +0 17th +4 +3
3rd +1 +0 18th +4 +3
4th +1 +1 19th +4 +4
5th +1 ÷1 20th +4 +4
6th +1 +1 21st +4 ÷4
7th +2 +1 22nd +5 +4
8th +2 +1 23rd +5 +4
9th +2 +2 24th ÷5 +5
10th +2 +2 25th +5 +5
11th +2 +2 26th +5 +5
12th +3 +2 27th +6 +5
13th +3 +2 28th +6 +5
14th +3 +3 29th +6 +6
15th +3 +3 30th +6 +6

  • When you score a critical hit, you deal 1d6 extra
    damage per point of fixed enhancement bonus to the
    attack roll.

Setting Specific Rules

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