Dark Sun - Freedom

Log 3: Goddamn Silkworm, Idiot Elves

The second day

Isn’t this just a fine fucking mess.

Woke up around dawn. Scrabbled together what little we could. Hungry, thirsty, but gotta move on. Mul and halfling—Murza and Mari—tried to get bearings, fell off the collapsing building. With the map and sun, I said we go southwest. Others followed.

Giant lizard-worm attacked when we found some pillars. THIS time, I stayed up and kicked ass. The others took a beating though. We need water, food, shelter, SOON.

…of FUCKING course. Selfish idiot elf’s been poisoning oases and wells near Kled. Thinks he can drive the slavers out, protect the “real people” here, ‘cause of course dwarves and dray aren’t people. Fucker. We bickered for a good half hour, got nowhere. Well’s sealed. No water, no food, no rest, no shelter.

As we left, Kled’s leader mentioned a missing Druid. With no water to be had, we hit the road to Tyr. If we don’t die of thirst, maybe we’ll be back, clean up that goddamn elf’s bullshit. What I’d give to clean the wise-ass grin off his face with a blade.

And today’s maybe half done. I need a drink.



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