Dark Sun - Freedom

Log 5: Day 4

Guards and Tombs

Slept okay, given ghost issue. Woke up at sunrise; worked some more with Murza. Still struggling. Took another look—stony skin is DEFINITELY Primordial. Bothers me more than it should. Talked with Acerbas and the rest. We’ll look around some. Damn shame about Chaya and the human, but Pyramid’s off-limits—bound to CRAWL with Templars and slavers. Murza wouldn’t stand a chance.

She might not anyway. Kalak’s showing desperation. Half-giants drag muls, the poor, and foreigners off too, now. Acerbas sees clearly: if Kalak’s powerful and long-lived, either patience or time runs short. What threatens, entices him? Maybe both? Regardless. Hid in a wheel shop, Acerbas smooth-talked giant out of taking Murza. Way too close.

More patrols, all over—elf, merchant districts not safe. Dropped coin on a nice inn, lay low for now. No answers but confirming the crazy. Note dropped into Acerbas’ hands—someone wants to meet at the hideout. We NEED allies, had to check. Slipped past the guards, got there in one piece.

Seems crazy human wasn’t so crazy. Goes by “Quintus.” Offered job in Under-Tyr: loot a new-found tomb, bring back an idol by sunrise. Seems legit. Acerbas wasn’t sure, but sensed no malice. I asked for help hiding Murza, Quintus said he’d add it for free. That plus ancient, unbroken tomb? Got my vote. Mari shrugged. Murza agreed—no surprise. Acerbas hedged, relented—again, no surprise.

Finding the damn tomb took ages—no idea how long. Three half-giant guards in the way. Took some good hits, Murza dropped but held on. Not hard…yet. Hope the tomb’s this easy.



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