Dark Sun - Freedom

Mari's Story The next day

-We slept the rest of the night. No more ghosts so far. The next day we had a new problem. Guards and half-giants looking for people to take as slaves. Anyone who was

not big meat, but especially half-dwarves. The half-dwarf was worried about this. But the talking lizard managed to talk us past some guards. We hid out in a drinking

place where there were no guards. The others sat and drank. Not me, I am never touching that strong drink again. I kept watch. We waited until dark and things quieted

down. We were about to leave when the talking lizard noticed a paper in his pccket. Someone wanted to meet us in the building we slept in.
We went back, slipping past the guards in the dark and found someone sitting at a table in that building. It was the big meat slave that came with us. Before he

talked like he was crazy, now he talked fine. He said he was faking it. The big meat offreed us a job. He wanted us to find an idol hidden in an old tomb. There are

tombs from the old world in the jungle. But we never go near them. Surviving in the jungle is hard enough without asking for trouble. He also said he needed it before

sunrise or no deal. I wonder why that is? I was a bit unsure about this. But, I wasn’t going to look like a coward either.

-The not crazy big meat gave us a map. We had a little trouble but found our way underground. Then we had even more trouble. Note to self, halfings are not good at

navigating underground. We finally found a big old tomb, guarded by half-giants, of course. That was fine with me. I’ve wanted to fight half-giants ever since they

tried to lock us in that cage. We talked about sneaking up on them. Then the half-dwarf just walked up to them and stood there. I can’t complain, I’m not good at

sneaking either. I tried to charge them, but they saw me coming and dodged. But I got even. Two of them tried to hit me at once, but those slow, clumsy things didn’t

have a prayer.
A strange thing happened. The half-dwarf tried to make spikey rocks hit the half-giants. The ended up trying to hit us, too. Fortunately, they didn’t hit anything.

I’m not sure what’s happening with the half-dwarf, but if she’s going to keep doing things like that she really needs to practice. Later on she did batter. At least

this time she only hit the half-giants. The half-giants hit her pretty hard, but the big meat and I managed to fix her up. I got in two really good hits. First I

managed to knock one half-giant straight off his feet. Then I actually killed the last one. This places really needs to get new guards. Well, that wasn’t so hard. Now

we just need to go into a tomb of the old world, filled with all kinds of unknown danger. This day is really starting to look up.



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