Dark Sun - Freedom

Murza Have Words

Words! Murza have words!

A Brax Us has been teach Murza some word. They are nice word, word very short but Murza learn. Will learn. Has learn. Ask A Bax Rus what is rocks in skin. A Brax Oos does not. Know. This is not, bad. Will learn more soon.

Today. Make friend. With wagon, but then. He leave us alone. Bee tray Murza. Then! We fight some bad slave-ers. Try to. Put us in the cage. No good. We fight hard.

Get away. Make run to the place with elves. Buy things, Murza had to watch. For steal elves. Now are go to sleep. Fight scary pale thing from wall. Now can sleep. Many Legs is sleeping, Time for Murza sleep too.

Murza have friends now. Very. Strange to have friends.

Learn more. Soon! Good-bye!



Oh my God this is adorable. Just…friggin adorable.

Murza Have Words

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